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Reasons to get help at a drug rehab facility

Getting health insurance for drug rehab

Getting health insurance for drug rehab

Rehab is something not everyone can afford or access due to the difficult barriers put in place by many rehabilitation centres that can be costly, or have a long waiting period due to the demand of certain rehabilitation centres.

Being able to attend a drug rehab facility to get help for a problem is not an opportunity not everyone has. Due to this, many people either try to get rid of their addiction at home or do not get any help at all.

Why is it important to get help from a drug rehab centre?

Getting help from a legitimate and trustworthy facility with access to trained professionals that will provide effective treatment methods that the patient can use when they leave the facility.

Individuals who believe they are experiencing addiction go through five different stages:

  1. Noticing something is wrong
  2. Getting help
  3. Receiving an assessment
  4. Discussing treatment options
  5. Changing their lifestyles

By going to a drug rehab centre, the patient is taking the first step into improving their life and getting the help they need.

If you believe you are struggling with addiction, you may benefit from drug rehab visit here for information about how to get help.

Taking care of ourselves is important as it is our responsibility to ensure we are keeping healthy and safe.

drug rehab centre and helpReasons why people don’t go to centres for help

People may choose not to go to a rehab centre for multiple reasons, such as:

  • Attending a rehab facility can be very costly and not everyone can afford to go there because of the expensive prices. Companies are trying to reduce the barriers that individuals may face by providing access to rehab centres through health insurance providers that contribute towards the cost.
  • The stigma around attending a rehab centre is mostly negative and can make people feel uneasy about attending. Due to the negative way people view rehab centres and people struggling with addiction, this can discourage individuals who are struggling with addictions.
  • Having centres that are far from people’s houses are another factor that will discourage them from attending a centre to get help for their drug addiction. Centres that are uneasy to access play a factor in the ways potential patients view the centres.

Benefits of attending an in-patient facility

There are many reasons that people choose to go to a drug rehab centre, ranging from:

  • Learning about addiction
  • Understand the factors that contributed to developing their addiction
  • Building healthy habits and practises
  • Breaking their cycle of addiction
  • Establishing healthy boundaries

Getting help as soon as possible will make the positive changes in your life occur quicker and let you improve your life so it meets a standard you feel comfortable with.

For more information about getting help, visit here for NHS resources.

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Top Ten Tips to Stop Smoking

Tips to quit smoking

The first step to stopping smoking is having the right attitude. If you are desperate to stop smoking and understand that there are no health benefits, then you are on the right track. Take a look at these top 10 tips to help you quit your addiction.

  1. Understand the withdrawal symptoms

As your body withdraws from cigarettes, you may feel down and your body will feel different. However, you must remember that this doesn’t last long and there is no pain whatsoever. Once you are a non-smoker, you will be free of the effects of cigarettes.

  1. Try vaping with nicotine salts

Many ex-smokers have said that using an e-cigarette has helped them massively on their journey to stop smoking. This device allows you to inhale nicotine without the harmful chemicals and effects of smoking. Nicotine salts are a useful addition to your vape pen as they speed up the absorption of nicotine into the bloodstream, as well as having an extended shelf life compared to other nicotine based products.

  1. Make a plan

Make a promise to yourself to quit smoking. The best ways to do this is to set a date, time and sticking to the ‘not a drag’ rule will really help. If you stick with this rule until cravings pass, you will feel better about how well you are doing. Build your plan.

  1. Change your diet

Many people have a cigarette after their dinner. Recent studies have shown that particular foods make smoking more satisfying, such as meats and cheese. Consider having alternatives for your dinner and your cravings should minimise. Click here to see recommended foods.

Please get in touch with E.V Health Hospital to share your tips to quitting smoking.

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How to Smash Your New Year Resolutions

Improve Your Wellbeing


After speaking to people since the New Year began, we have asked them what their resolutions were. The majority of people said they were looking to improve their health, finances and mind.

However, many people lose focus on their goals and often forget what their resolutions were when the summer kicks in.

We have got the top tips to improve your overall wellbeing. Let us know your thoughts! Read More

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Different types of fillings


Fillings are a great way to boost your smile and improve your confidence. These transform your smile completely. There are 3 Types of fillings known of and these are:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Composite fillings

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Benefit-3 and 4


Wholesome Benefits

Homemade shakes and even professionally sold shakes that are produced from crisp tree grown foods, vegetables and common proteins convey vital vitamins and minerals without relinquishing taste. Protein from shakes or sustenance is considered a fundamental supplement, it performs errands that are essential for your physique every day working. For instance, the USDA states that proteins fabricate and repair skin, bones, blood, muscles and cartilage. Read More

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4 Benefits That Protein Shakers Fetch

4 Benefits That Protein Shakers Fetch

Protein shakers comprise of powdered types of protein, for example, soy or whey, something more of a by-product of the cheddar making methodology. Next, the flavour is added to the powder so that when its mixed with milk or water, it takes after a milkshake-style drink. Protein consumption, close by safety exercise, has long been credited with an expanded lot. Be that as it may, protein-rich grains, for the sum in a protein shake – can likewise help bring down the levels of the craving invigorating hormone ghrelin, successfully stifling the hankering. Read More

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Blisters and skin infection


Blisters can be a major reason for concern for avid travellers. Though not a disease, blisters can severely hamper travel plans. Blisters are a small bubble like bumps that appear on the upper layer of skin. They are usually caused by excessive heat and friction. Ill-fitting shoes, long treks, exposure to freezing temperatures can also cause blisters. Read More

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2 Most Common Health Issues While Travelling

2 of the Most Common Health Issues While Travelling

Travellers and tourists are 154% more likely to catch a bug or a virus whilst travelling. This is because they are often exposed to more germs and bacteria as they are more active and are living away from home. Even the most expensive of hotels are not nearly as clean as the average home due to the sheer number of different occupants.


Eyesight issues

It is really common for tourists who travel for more than three months at a time to experience eye problems and vision difficulties. Although not all serious symptoms such are redness, tiredness or vision problems can be an indicator that you have an eye infection. The majority of these symptoms should clear up in a few days. A simple visit to your doctor and that should be that. Continued vision problems could be the work of a good optician if you wear glasses or contact lenses.

However, if you suffer from the below issues it could be more serious

  • Clouded, blurred or dim vision.
  • Increasing difficulty with vision at night.
  • Sensitivity to light and glare.
  • Need for brighter light for reading and other activities.
  • Seeing “halos” around lights.
  • Frequent changes in eyeglass or contact lens prescription.
  • Fading or yellowing of colours.

If you have all of the above symptoms then you could have cataracts.

If you are abroad in Australia / Brisbane click here. If you need more information about cataracts click here.
If you in the UK click here for the NHS or in India or the Far East click here.

Man holding a plastic disposable contact lens on his finger for correcting visual acuity in a healthcare, optical and medical concept


According to doctors, 69 per cent of travellers suffer from bouts of diarrhoea during a trip abroad or soon after. There are several factors that can cause stomach upset. The most common reasons for diarrhoea are drinking contaminated water or eating stale or unhygienic food that can cause food poisoning. The most common symptoms of diarrhoea are blood in stools, frequent watery stools, fever, light-headed, and severe abdominal cramps.

A traveller suffering from any of the above-mentioned symptoms must seek medical help immediately, to curb the infection. They should increase their fluid intake to ward off further complications such as dehydration. Purified water, juices, soups and coconut water help keep the body hydrated.

Click here to read more about blisters and skin infection.



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3 Emerging Medical Technologies that will Change the Human Race Forever

3 Emerging Medical Technologies that will Change the Human Race Forever

Presently, medicine is a vastly changing landscape. With new scientific breakthroughs, technologies and money being poured into treatments for Alzheimerâs and Cancer, there has rarely been a better time for working in one of medicines popular domains. If you’re interested in what breakthroughs are going to shape the next half century of medical practice, look no further â we’ve created this short guide to the 3 emerging technologies that are going to change the way we pursue preventions, treatments, cures and care, and that will ultimately change the human race forever.

DNA Copy and Paste

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