3 Most Common Health Issues While Travelling

3 Most Common Health Issues While Travelling

International travel has become an integral part of almost everyone’s life these days. Travel can be for official work, social commitments or recreational reasons. Formalities required for travelling from one country to another are now a much simplified process, owing to various systems like the American Governments ESTA (electronic system for travel authorization) and visa on arrival.

To meet all the ESTA requirements one can apply ESTA online or using an ESTA form.

Though travel related legalities have been simplified, concerns related to health continue to loom large. Travelling to distant land entails change of water, food habits, climate etc. There are various bacteria and viruses lurking and innocent travelers are most vulnerable to infections and diseases on these trips. Here is a look at three of the most common health issues faced by foreign travelers.


According to doctors, 60 per cent travelers suffer from bouts of diarrhea during a trip abroad or soon after. There are several factors that can cause diarrhea. The most common reasons for diarrhea are drinking contaminated water or eating stale or unhygienic food that can cause food poisoning. The most common symptoms of diarrhea are blood in stools, frequent watery stools, fever, light-headed, and severe abdominal cramps.

A traveler suffering from any of the above mentioned symptoms must seek medical help immediately, to curb the infection. They should increase their fluid intake to ward off further complications such as dehydration. Purified water, juices, soups and coconut water help keep the body hydrated.

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