3 Emerging Medical Technologies that will Change the Human Race Forever

3 Emerging Medical Technologies that will Change the Human Race Forever

Presently, medicine is a vastly changing landscape. With new scientific breakthroughs, technologies and money being poured into treatments for Alzheimerâs and Cancer, there has rarely been a better time for working in one of medicines popular domains. If you’re interested in what breakthroughs are going to shape the next half century of medical practice, look no further â we’ve created this short guide to the 3 emerging technologies that are going to change the way we pursue preventions, treatments, cures and care, and that will ultimately change the human race forever.

DNA Copy and Paste

In 2003, the first human genome was unravelled. This marked a significant breakthrough for those scientists who have been working in genetics for the previous 60 years ever since its discovery by Crick and Watson in the 60s, and also for humanity at large. DNA testing is now commonplace and affordable at specialists like GTL DNA Australia, but manipulating strings of DNA still poses a substantial scientific challenge. Despite this, scientists are confident that soon, they will be able to dial into human DNA and manipulate single strings with almost trivial ease. This could mean embedding DNA from one particular human to another, or even from splicing our own DNA with other organisms.

Advance Screening and Obesity Treatment

If the current predictions are accurate, but 2050, around 50 per cent of all adults in Britain will be considered obese. This means that more serious measures need to be taken in order to bring the mean weight of the population down. Clearly current educational policies are ineffective, and so many would argue that more radical steps need to be taken. One such approach currently in development would be to screen babies for the bad genes that are relics of the human races past evolutionary development and to remove or alter them using the copy and paste method discussed above. We might even be able to bioengineer viruses that only eat excess fat.

3D Printed Body Parts

Current prosthetics are uncomfortable and extremely expensive. With the advent of 3D printing, custom-designed prosthetics will become the norm, providing much more comfort to the wearer all with a design which complements the wearers personality and tastes. In the coming years, prosthetics will come to be more and more the norm, and prosthetic technology will surpass organic technology. Imagine a prosthetic arm that is stronger and more flexible than an organic one that has feeling and can be manipulated just by thinking. These technologies are going to exist in a widespread fashion in the coming years, and even people without disfigurement will want them.

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